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Welcome to the new Stanmore Table Tennis Club website where you will find information on our history, teams, premises, the Barnets Table Tennis League and of course, where to find us.

Table Tennis is one of the fastest reflex sports played, the balls often travelling at speeds of up to 85 mph or more. With the various spins imparted on the ball, it is probably the most frustrating but rewarding games you could play. For a beginner to league standard, training and practice for 2 -3 years will normally be required to reach a reasonable league standard.

Stanmore Table Tennis Club has a new venue at Stanmore Park Community Centre. We have probably one of the best premises in the league with facility for up to 4 tables in practice sessions, for match nights we can comfortably accomodate 3 tables.

Coaching courses are held during the Summer and various times of the year where the hall is not required for matches.

Our home match night and practice is on Tuesdays at Stanmore Park Community Centre where there is a Main Hall and plenty of parking spaces.


We welcome all new members and are currently seeking new players to represent us in the Barnets Table Tennis League